Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also ship the suit to europe?

Yes, we do ship WORLDWIDE.

What kind of fabric is used for the shirts?

We believe in using the best always, so we use cotton 80% and silk 20% wrinkle free. Our price is unbeatable when compared to other vendors in the online market, who use the same kind of fabric. This is guaranteed! we do also have 100% pure cotton.

How long do I have to wait for my suit?

we are able to deliver within,it’s depend on you how fast do you want, minimum 1 weeks or 3 weeks.

How long have you been in this Tailor Business?

We have been in this business for generations (more than 30 years). Now we have revolutionized the business so that everyone people can order Tailor Made products at very affordable prices!

What is the difference between a bespoke suit and an of the rack suit?

A bespoke suit is a suit that is made individually, made according to your size, shape and preferences. Retail off the rack suits come in standard sizes that are not your perfect fit.

Do you also make ladies suits?

yes, we want to make the ladies look good too.

Do you keep measurements on file?

Yes, once our professional tailors measure you, we will have your record on file for FIVE years. Thus reordering suits is much easier in the future.

Can I order clothes online?

Yes, you can now order shirts online, please visit our website at

What are your operating hours and location?

We are open everyday from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm. Our address is 99/1 moo 1 KOH Lanta,krabi,Thailand. For more detailed information please visit our Facebook page or Call Us at +66620964680

What do I do if there is something wrong with my order?

We have a very high success rate and in the unlikely case that there are any issues, we typically offer a credit for local alterations for minor tweaks or in extreme cases remake the entire garment, in order to make sure that every client is happy. Please note your clothing will need to be washed (if shirts) or dry cleaned (anything else) and pressed before you wear it the first time. Whilst it’ll go through our rigorous QC process it still may contain tailors chalk, marks, minor smudges and will not be pressed.


We have a 1-2 cm allowance for body and sleeve width (including back width, front width and shoulder width, a 1cm allowance for sleeve length and a 0.5cm allowance for collars and cuffs. Our garments are hand-cut and sewn and no two garments will be exactly the same. This is part of the charm and unique nature of Bespoke clothing. If there are any issues with your online order, don’t worry we’ll work it out! Here’s how it works:

1. Notify us of the issue. Please take high-res photos of you wearing the garment from the front, side and back (preferably taken by another person). This allows us to assess the fit and determine the next step.

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2. We will contact a local alterations tailor and explain what needs to be done and agree on the price. Let us know if you already have a preferred alteration tailor and we will coordinate with them. We will then send you a quote on the alteration work. If the quote you receive exceeds the quote we give you, please let us know before proceeding with any work. We will not be able to reimburse for any alteration work done that we have not previously agreed on.

3. You visit the tailor to get the alterations done and we will reimburse you via in-store credit or PayPal depending on what you prefer. We are unable to offer refunds on online orders as your clothing is bespoke made to your unique sizes. We will however work diligently with you to ensure that you are satisfied and have clothing that fits (whether that is local alterations, re-cutting garments, or future credit with our store). Tailor On Ten can also not be held liable for indirect or consequential losses.